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Buriram, a city famous for its stone castle There are famous castles, including Prasat Hin Phanom Rung and Prasat Muang Tam. It is also famous for being a sports city. That brings this remarkable story to be blended with tourism perfectly. Both sports fans dream of watching their favorite football team. As for people who like to travel during the time that there is no competition. You can also visit a standard football stadium. It is beautiful in the world became the new color of tourism that made Buriram It wasn’t just an ancient stone castle any more. become a modern city There is fun and happiness when you visit. True to the meaning of the name Buriram, the city of joy. It is a livable city for locals and a good city to visit for foreigners. Coming to Buriram, you must not miss these attractions.

Phanom Rung Historical Park or Prasat Hin Phanom Rung Located in Chaloem Phrakiat District Buriram Province About 77 kilometers from Buriram city, it is an ancient site located on Khao Phanom Rung, the top of an extinct volcano, about 200 meters high from the plain. Constructed with one of the most beautiful forms of ancient Khmer art, Prasat Hin Phanom Rung is one of the most famous of Thailand’s Khmer castles. It is an important tourist attraction and is considered an important symbol of Buriram Province.

Phanom Rung Prasat is an ancient site located on Phanom Rung Hill. in Chaloem Phrakiat District Buriram Province Built with the style of ancient Khmer art. The most beautiful one. The beauty and grandeur of this castle can be seen in the form of architecture. The etching of the location selection pattern on the top of the hill is axially plotted with various building elements arranged in a straight line towards the center, the main castle. It makes me wonder and wonder how people in ancient times built this castle.

Phanom Rung Castle Well known to the locals As there is a folk tale “Indraprastha” talks about a pair of monks who wandered until they found shelter, a beautiful stone castle, abandoned in the midst of a forest. but for people outside the country This castle was first known as the first documented mention of Prasat Phanom Rung was recorded by the Frenchman Etienne Aymonier in 1885, published in an article. in 1902

Year 1906 Her Royal Highness Prince Damrong Rajanupap came to Phanom Rung Castle On his visit to the Isaat province and again in 1929, the Fine Arts Department announced the registration of Prasat Phanom Rung as a national historic site, announced in the Government Gazette, Volume 52, Part 75, on March 8, 1935.

and in the year 2503-1961 the reign of Prasat Phanom Rung was conducted again, later in 1971

this castle Built to be the residence of Lord Shiva who sits on the top of the Krailas mountain, so the castle was built on the top of Phanom Rung Hill. Therefore, it reflects the Hindu religion, Shaiwi sect very well.

Various buildings and structures of Prasat Phanom Rung not all created all at once. Religious places have been built to be the center of the community’s religious beliefs. First established in the 15th Buddhist century, including two brick castles that are currently in a state of collapse, leaving only the base and the door frame. After that, there has been continuous construction in order. by the kings of the ancient Khmer Empire or leaders who rule the community with Prasat Phanom Rung as the center

Phanom Rung Castle It is important to continue until the reign of Jayavarman V (1511-1544 BC), he respects the Hindu religion of the Shaiwi sect. as well as his father (King Rajendravarman II), in addition to having a royal command to create an inscription to praise the honor of his father, he also consecrated the land to the temple in this day, the temple on Phanom Rung. It is truly the center of the surrounding community. The text in the Phanom Rung inscription Some digits, despite the lack of content, still give the image. Including that the temple on Phanom Rung Hill It is enshrined idols, namely the Siwa Lingam, having a wide territory with land. which the Lord of the land (King Varman the 5th) and various levels of officials donated or bought to the temple with royal decrees to settle down the land area with the Phanom Rung Temple together with the city building Build an ashram for yogis and monks

Around the 17th century, the main castle was built. From the study of the Phanom Rung stone inscription, digit 7 and digit 9, it can be said that the main castle was built during the Rainrathit period.

Biography of Narendrathit

Narendrathit is the son of Queen Bhupatinathara Lakshmi. a person of great intelligence have the ability to fight Has joined the battle with the army of Lord Suryavarman II to unify the land From the war of Narendrathit, he would have received the honor of being a place of trust that his heart was appointed as the ruler of the city. which is under the power of the Mahidharpur dynasty

1988 by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn has built a large castle enshrining idols, creating works of art appearing as etchings in different parts such as gables, lintels, which all show that wished to build this temple as the temple of Lord Shiva There is a lingam as the president And there are also other gods, but they are in the status of secondary gods. In addition, the text that appears in the inscription also shows that Narendrathit built this castle. to enshrine his own image After his death, his generosity and strong faith in religion causing him to be ordained as a monk until the end of time The text that appears in the Phanom Rung inscription make it assumption that You must be an ascetic in the sect. according to the traditional sect of Pasupta Narendrathit’s son, Hiranya, was the one who wrote stories to praise his father’s honor and cast Narendrathit’s image with gold.

The last building was the bannalai and the tabernacle, which was reconstructed during the reign of Jayavarman VII (1724-1763), the last great king of the Khmer Empire. He respects Mahayana Buddhism. Please build 102 sanatoriums or sanatoriums and 121 accommodation for travelers in the lands under His Majesty’s rule. According to the text that appears in the Ta Prohm inscription and inscriptions of Prasat Phra Khan, respectively, such ancient monuments Nearby Prasat Phanom Rung, including Muang Tam Hermit and hermit monk Nong Bua Lai Which is a religious hospital, Ban Bu Castle is a accommodation for travelers.

Name of Prasat Phanom Rung Is the original name of this ancient site, the word Phanom Rung appears in the inscription. Found at this castle, the inscription Phanom Rung, the 2nd digit, the 4th digit and K10900 inscribes that Phanom Rung is the name of the temple. with wide boundaries, with land, villages, cities

Phanom Rung Stone Castle Built in the Hindu religion of Siva which regards Lord Shiva as the supreme deity to be the abode of Lord Shiva His Majesty was seated on the top of Mount Krailas. Therefore, this castle was built on the top of Phanom Rung Hill. thus reflecting the respect Hinduism, Shaismaism as well Khao Phanom Rung is like a Krailas mountain, the dwelling place of Lord Shiva. Composition and schematic of Prasat Phanom Rung is designed to look like a straight line. and focus on the center That’s the president’s castle. which faces east, to the right of the stairs leading up to the monastery there is a building called the tabernacle. This building may be called a building. At present, the tabernacle used to be the place where the King’s body was prepared. before entering to worship the gods or accompany ceremonies in religious sites

Nakarat Bridge

walkway to the castle decorated with pillars with a top like a lotus bud It is called Sao Nang Rang, with 35 trees on each side, leading to the Nakarat Bridge. In which the cross-section is raised above the bridge railing to make the body of a 5-headed Naga, this Nakarat Bridge. According to belief, it is the path that connects the human world to the gods. what is interesting is In the middle of the bridge there is an image etched in the shape of an eight-petaled lotus. May refer to the eight deities of the Hindu religion. or a point where people come to worship pray From the first floor of the Nakarat Bridge, there are 52 steps leading up to the hilltop courtyard. in front of the arched balcony facing the east There is a 2nd floor Nakarat Bridge, a winding balcony forming a contiguous long room. It is rectangular around the courtyard. The castle, but unable to walk through each other. Because there are partition walls, there are arches in the middle of each side. At the corner of the balcony is a crooked arch, a cross, at the gable of the outer east balcony. There is a carved image of a hermit which represents Lord Shiva in the posture of healing from sickness. and may include referring to Narendrathit

president’s castle

It consists of the main castle located at the center of the inner castle courtyard. There is a square plan with recessed corners, i.e. a rectangular hall. Connected to the front of the main prang components. From the base of the upper and lower walls, door frame columns, wall columns, lintels, pediments, various arches, as well as jackfruit petals are made of pink sandstone. There is a chart in the form of a small square. The front is made of a mondop with danger or insulation connecting this president’s castle. It is believed that it was created by Narendrathit. be the ruling leader The community with Phanom Rung Castle as the center Inside the elemental house in the middle called the Garbhaghar room It is enshrined the most important idol here, the Shiva Lingam which represents Lord Shiva. Unfortunately, this sculpture was lost. Only the ginseng pipes were left. It is a holy water channel that is used to receive holy water from worshiping Shiva Lingam only.

In addition to the beauty of the castle also enjoy viewing ancient Khmer art through the delicate ancient carvings of the gable and lintel There are etch images showing stories in Hinduism such as Shivanatraj (dancing), Narai Bantomsin lintels, avatars of Vishnu such as Ra (in Ramayana) or Krishna, ritual images, daily life images of Rishis, etc. Only the Narai Bantomsin lintel It is a lintel that was stolen around the year. 1960 and was restored in the year. 1988

Two brick castles and a little prang

The northeastern and southwestern corridors of the main castle are two brick castles and a small prang. from the evidence Architecture and fine arts It can be said that the three castles were built before the main castle around the 15th and 16th Buddhist centuries respectively. is northeast and southeast There are two buildings made of laterite. Called the bannalai, where religious scriptures are kept. There is also a prang base made of bricks. which is older is about the 15th Buddhist century on the northeast side of the main body and at the northeast corner and southeast There is a rectangular building made of laterite. Age around the 18th Buddhist century, contemporary with the pavilion built with laterite next to the walkway known as the Milky Way

On 3-5 April and 8-10 September each year, the sun rises. Light shines through the 15 doors. Villagers will walk up to see the magnificent blend of nature and the construction of the ancestors. In addition, on 6-8 March and 6-8 October of each year, the sun will also shine through all 15 doors. It is believed that this phenomenon is a sacred phenomenon. which is located in the middle of Prasat Khao Phanom Rung It is a life-enhancing and auspicious thing for yourself and your family. of those who saw

A trip to see Phanom Rung Hin Prasat

In the event that you do not bring your own car Must use the service of the Transport Company Limited and get off at Nang Rong District. There will be a minibus hired for up to Phanom Rung Prasat, about 200-300 baht each. When reaching Prasat Phanom Rung, you can go up 2 ways: in front of the castle, park your car at the parking lot and walk up the stairs for about 400 meters. and the other way is behind the castle to take a car up free of charge Then walk up a little, about 100 meters, which is less walking than going up the front.


1.Kamonsit Resort

Phanom Rung Historical Park • 5.1 km away

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Tambon Yai Yam Watthana, Amphoe Chaloem Phrakiat Buriram 31170

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