feng shui in front of the house How should it be arranged to make it great!

For home feng shui or arrangement of the front of the house. It is a matter that many hosts Should attach great importance to it that has it all. If you compare the house to a person, then the front of the house It is like the face of a person if they have a beautiful face. can make an impression on those who see it and willing to attract only good things, more or less which is not different from the house shui and the entrance to the house If arranged to be beautiful, shady, clean and systematic, organized, then There will be auspicious energy entering the house as well.

for today we Therefore, we will introduce techniques for arranging the house to be attractive according to the principles of feng shui, including other points that will help promote feng shui in front of the house. Yours is correct with securities. And get lucky than it’s called a good trick ever.

1. Arrange the garden in front of the house in the right direction.

The front garden is what strengthens beauty for your Home Decorate In particular, the direction has an important and necessary part. One thing we would like to suggest is that North is the direction that has energy related to work. and doing good business with various occupations which feng shui home facing north is home decoration To have the power of the water element as the main combination of wells, ponds, lotus ponds, and fountains that will help promote wealth and stability as well.

2. Arrange the garden in front of the house in the south according to Feng Shui.

for south water It is the power of promoting the reputation and power. and including honor as the principle of landscaping in front of the house According to this feng shui To focus on planting trees or flowers that are colorful on the eye, focusing on purple, red and pink that are planting trees to enhance the good. A lot or may be planting a mango tree, a wa tree or a Ya Ya tree that will help promote success. and more beauty

3. Arrange a garden in front of the west front.

for the west It is another direction that is worth landscaping in front of the house. It is very prominent. in the matter of peace and in the relationship of love feng shui in front of the house In this direction, the emphasis is on color and brilliance. of trees or flowers, including sacred trees such as the jackfruit tree or the Kalapapruek tree that helps to promote decoration Added even more with statues or carvings of various auspicious animals. That will definitely make it a good thing.

simple technique

For simple techniques for landscaping the front of the house. according to feng shui principles and help attract good fortune, that good energy can tell that it should Looking from the direction first until To the beauty that exists and must take care of the plants and flowers The lush, bright flowering bears fruit in good shade. And should be focused on the decoration of the lotus basin. or a fountain that helps attract money energy Gold comes in to have a lot of wealth and happiness as well.

Brightness is also important. Because the light will attract good energy. to be successful for the house and during the day Should have sunlight during the night. It should be illuminated with lights with the lights on. in front of the house regularly If there is a yellow light, it will help to send light. To be well and airy And spotlessly clean, it will be another good thing. with getting good energy coming in

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