Build a house, ceiling, which one do you choose? what material is good

Building a house and ceiling is something that many people may not pay much attention to. but actually The ceiling is important. In addition to keeping things neat and tidy for our homes. It also helps to insulate the heat of our home as well. Today, we come to know more about the ceiling.

Build a house, ceiling, which one do you choose? what material is good

bare ceiling

is at the top of the house that does not have any roofing such as the floor of the second floor of the house When we were on the first floor, we looked up. If the floor on the second floor was beautiful and tidy. We do not need to cover anything, we call it a bare ceiling, which means that we have to keep the wiring, pipes, cables and cables in the house tidy, so that it can show up as a bare ceiling.

smooth plastered ceiling

will be a sheet ceiling Sheet material made of gypsum. and fiber cement It is attached to the frame that is installed with the roof frame, such as the C-Line type of the ceiling. The joints of each flat plastered ceiling will plaster the joints with mortar for plastering to cover the ceiling joints Then cover the seam with raw yarn and paint over it. Looks elegant and good.

suspended ceiling

or T-Bar ceiling is a ceiling with an aluminum frame upside down in a T-shape and is an equal grid to empty the gypsum cotton sheets. by fixing with wire frame to roof frame For the gypsum board used to cover the channel, the standard size is 60 x 60 cm. It is a very popular ceiling. Because they are inexpensive, easy to maintain or repair.

Level ceiling or pit ceiling

similar to a smooth plastered ceiling Just a beautiful pattern There is a level playing to look at the dimensions that are outstanding and luxurious. And sometimes to hide the air conditioner above. or various power channels or to display chandeliers It must be admitted that this kind of ceiling will have an expensive price.

Build a house, ceiling, which one do you choose? what material is good

Sound absorbing ceiling or acoustic ceiling

It is a ceiling that combines a T-bar ceiling frame with a type of ceiling that can prevent resonance, such as Acoustic Board, which helps to absorb various sounds well.

slatted ceiling

It is a ceiling that looks like a transparent material. Used to make ceilings such as laths or other materials that are channeled for beauty. and concealed from seeing the top of the house It also helps with good ventilation. and look at the art of decorating the house as well It can also be repaired easily. But cleaning will be a bit tricky.

eaves ceiling

It is a ceiling designed to have ventilation holes. Used to cover the ceiling around the eaves outside the house. to prevent animals from living under the ceiling and also prevents heat from outside and help ventilate from under the roof as well

Types of gypsum boards for ceiling construction

Gypsum cotton sheet, smooth sheet, is a light material. Easy to work with, easy to cut, บ้านคอนโด easy to connect, and easy to close various joints. Easy to form any desired shape and keep the work beautiful Popularly used to make ceilings in various rooms. that is not an attic

Gypsum cotton sheet, heat block (Heat Block) is a frosted sheet that helps reflect heat radiation. Commonly used in the attic. with hot weather which is coated with a reflector plate on one side which can reflect more than 90% of the heat radiation

Moist Block is a frosted sheet with a substance that prevents moisture absorption. Suitable for use in the bathroom, kitchen or laundry room. with moisture from use


What type of ceiling to choose? depending on preference and the homeowner’s budget But need to consider the maintenance as well. Maybe some things look beautiful, but the maintenance may be difficult. Cleaning can be tricky We have to take into account many elements of choosing materials to build our home as well. And most importantly, the budget that we have is the heart.

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